Paul wright

I have always been concerned about environmental issues and the effect that humans are having on the planet. One issue that I have been aware of for some time is the problem of plastic pollution and in particular the problem of plastics in the marine environment.

As a keen surfer growing up in the north east I became aware of water quality issues from an early age I also became aware of the negative impactes surfing has on the environment. In 2009 I designed and made a prototype Eco board to raise awarness and highlight the negative impacts of surfboard manufacture and surfing as a sport on the environment. in 2012 I began working with the issue of plastic pollution.

I have created a number of artworks with the intention of highlighting the negative impacts of plastics and changing peoples attitudes towards plastic consumption. I believe that art can be a useful tool to raise awareness and inspire positive change. And I hope that my artwork will have a positive impact on the world


We are poisoning the earth. We must change our ways. The earth is not just our home it is home to billions of other animals plants and micro organisms. We must learn to live in harmony with nature. and we must fight to save our planet. We must make a positive change and help preserve the earth so our children will have a home.

My Works

I work in a number of mediums ranging from paining to large scale sculptures. I try to create artwork that will inspire positive change or action.

I have long been aware of the state of our oceans and the problem of marine pollution. In recent years I have been shocked at the rising levels of pollution within our oceans and as such have created my artwork in response to these environmental issues, with the aim of raising public awareness and inspiring positive-change.

One issue that I am particularly passionate about is the issue of plastics within the marine environment. I have been shocked by the amount of plastic washing up on our beaches and the impacts that they have on marine wildlife. My art practice centers around the use of recycled materials and plastic debris collected from local beach cleans. Furthermore, I have collaborated with environmental groups such as Surfers Against Sewage in order to reach a wide audience and have the greatest possible impact.